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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have other questions, feel free to contact us at your convenience.
Q: Why should I contribute to the Capital Campaign when I no longer have children in school? A: Since the founding of the Republic, no individual has paid the full cost for the education of his/her children. The education of youth was considered such an important task by the founding fathers that it was considered appropriate for the entire community to bear the costs. It still is. A strong school is a strong community. The Capital Campaign will provide additional funds beyond the collective tax base. The Ram “Light Up the Night” Capital Campaign is working to enhance athletic, community and wellness opportunities for everyone in the South Eastern School District.
Q: Why should I contribute to the Capital Campaign when I already pay school taxes? A: The Ram “Light Up the Night” Capital Campaign is working with the South Eastern
School District to supplement, not supplant, capital improvements that tax dollars cannot provide. If students are to continue to excel athletically, we must provide opportunities to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Q: Is my gift to the Ram “Light Up the Night” Capital Campaign tax-deductible? A: Yes, your gift is tax deductible. The Kennard-Dale Rams Sports Booster Club is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means that all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent
of the law.
Q: Why was the decision made to construct a new stadium on the existing track field instead of on the football field? A: After several construction options were reviewed, it was determined that the cost to renovate and add lights to the current stadium was equal, if not more, than the cost to construct a new stadium. By utilizing the current track and field site, the construction of a new stadium will be of greater value to the District and afford opportunities for multiple uses by additional scholastic sports and the community.
Q: How will an athletic facility with lights benefit the District and community? A: With the installation of lights, the District will be able to host evening athletic events and expand usage and field access. Night athletic events will afford an increase in attendance and concession revenue. With coordination between the District and the community, stadium and field use can benefit the public in numerous ways from exercise and wellness initiatives to community events.
Q: What happens if the goal is not met? A: In this event, the Stadium Campaign Committee will determine the best use of the available funds based on projects
completed to date and remaining facility needs.
Q: Is a Capital Campaign goal of $2,921,100 realistic? A: Yes. The goal is attainable if we are able to acquire volunteers to help advance Campaign fundraising. “Friends give to Friends” and “Peers give to Peers.” Volunteer participation will ensure community involvement, increasing the likelihood of a successful Campaign. In addition, a strong Gifts-in-Kind phase will provide opportunities for participation beyond monetary support. A five-year pledge period is available to meet everyone’s philanthropic endeavors.
Q: Is there a construction prioritization for the project? A: The South Eastern School District will prioritize all construction based on the needs of the District and the demand for access to the new athletic facility. Any prioritization will be based on sound fiscal decisions and with the best interest of the students and community residents in mind.
Q: Does the South Eastern School Board support the Ram “Light Up the Night” Capital Campaign? A: Yes. The South Eastern School Board has pledged full support of the Kennard-Dale Rams Sports Booster Club and the Ram “Light Up the Night” Capital Campaign. They encourage donations to improve Kennard-Dale Athletic Facilities and endorse the fundraising efforts of the Booster Association.
Q: Will any size gift be important? A: Yes. The Ram “Light Up the Night” Capital Campaign is a community effort. Donations of any size are important to the success of the Campaign. Individual donors, corporations, service clubs and foundations can all participate. Together, we can make a difference and “Light Up the Night.”
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